Nature Reserves on the Thames

Rainham Marshes

Also known as the Inner Thames Marshes and presenting a special interest to various authorities in the field of nature exploration and conservation, the area located to the west of the Thames Estuary was opened to the public in 2006 and remains a significant tourist attraction. Besides its charming landscapes, barely modified by human interventions since medieval times, the area is the habitat of very diverse flora an fauna, particularly birds, including rare species observed on occasion. Besides the reserve’s natural traits, it features a visitor centre designed to meet environmentally friendly standards in terms of architecture and use of sustainable resources.

Kempton Nature Reserve

Located in the London district of Hounslow, the reserve is of national and international importance principally for providing an auspicious environment to a variety of birds, such as reed dependant species which seek refuge there. Insects abound as well, as do wetland plants seen in their natural setting. Over the years, improvements have been made to the area, such as the creation of canals and artificial islands, and the augmentation of the flora, such as the planting of reeds in more areas in order to attract certain bird species. Due to the rarity of certain birds nesting there, the reserve has gained worldwide renown.

Hartslock Nature Reserve

Located in Oxfordshire, between Whitchurch and Goring-on-Thames, the area is of a fairly low altitude compared to its surroundings, thus providing visitors with excellent views of the river Thames and the Goring Gap, which was designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty due to its mesmerising sceneries. Although modest in size, the reserve boasts a rich and diverse flora and fauna, including rare species; plants are also known to attract a myriad of insects during the warm season, especially species of butterflies rarely seen in other parts of the country. A broad range of insects, which have decreased or been eliminated in urban settings, thrive in this area.